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You Can Call Me Al


JOURNAL : 12.14.20 It’s time to stop pretending like the person married to the President of the United States is a de facto housewife in charge of place settings, guest lists and curtains, or a woman of leisure in need of a hobby. Let’s do it while the President’s spouse is still a woman, and break with this ridiculously arcane tradition. Maybe the Republican women will continue to need something to do, but the Democrats are just as qualified for the job as their husbands, some maybe more so...

The Idea Of THings


JOURNAL : 12.13.20 What do we do when we lose interest in the thrill of tomorrow? When we can’t think of anything else to do to keep ourselves from going mad? Some people live for tomorrow. Their happiness almost entirely wrapped up in what promise the future holds. Others are content to live in the now and appreciate the thing that is happening. Or so I’m told.  I’m not a real big tomorrow guy, but I am a romantic who believes that the fantasy is always better than the reality. Maybe my...

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