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Reading Is Fundamental


JOURNAL 2.01.21 We have a problem in America. It’s probably not what you think it is but is likely derivative of what I think it is, which is that people don’t read. Not that people can’t read, which is a different issue, but that people don’t read. They are no engaged with or inspired by words and language and ideas.  A preponderance of America lacks the intelligence, empathy, and curiosity to learn, explore and sympathize, through the simple act of reading. They lack the desire to travel and...

Going Flat Out


Journal 12.26.20 People are said to have talents, by which we mean something you are gifted with at birth and which you did not earn. Whereas a skill is something you hone over time, through hard work and determination. Aptitude might be considered the possibility that your talent, if honed, could become a skill.  A talent is not always all that impressive. Sometimes it’s more like a party trick, like being able to whistle and hum at the same time, the type of thing you might do at a party...

Where The Shadows Play


Journal 12.18.20 I’ve always enjoyed Anne Lamott—ever since that summer day when I discovered her in a tiny, gay bookstore in Cape May, New Jersey and then sat in the park, on a bench, and read these little stories, and laughed and cried and wondered at life, while waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. She was sitting on a shelf, Anne not my girlfriend, just a trade paperback of the sort I used to read a lot of at that time, and I picked it up, read the back and maybe a few pages before...

What’s The Frequency Kenneth?


JOURNAL : 12.16.20 The late, great Louis CK (he’s not dead yet, but I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about him yet after he admitted to masturbating in front of people that were apparently not into this social abnormality). Anyway, Louis had this bit about how unappreciative we are concerning how amazing all the technology is.  He told a story about being on an airplane when WiFi access on planes was first launched and the flight attendant explained to everyone that they had free Wifi...

The Prince’s Bad Day


JOURNAL : 12.15.20 The great thing about the English language is its ability to adapt and evolve over time, incorporating all manner of words and phrases, whether invented or borrowed, and even changing definitions, spelling, uses and meaning over time to fit the culture. People get upset by this, but that’s the entire point. The language doesn’t exist on its own, but is merely a means by which to communicate the culture. As the culture changes, so must our ability to communicate, so therefore...

You Can Call Me Al


JOURNAL : 12.14.20 It’s time to stop pretending like the person married to the President of the United States is a de facto housewife in charge of place settings, guest lists and curtains, or a woman of leisure in need of a hobby. Let’s do it while the President’s spouse is still a woman, and break with this ridiculously arcane tradition. Maybe the Republican women will continue to need something to do, but the Democrats are just as qualified for the job as their husbands, some maybe more so...

The Idea Of THings


JOURNAL : 12.13.20 What do we do when we lose interest in the thrill of tomorrow? When we can’t think of anything else to do to keep ourselves from going mad? Some people live for tomorrow. Their happiness almost entirely wrapped up in what promise the future holds. Others are content to live in the now and appreciate the thing that is happening. Or so I’m told.  I’m not a real big tomorrow guy, but I am a romantic who believes that the fantasy is always better than the reality. Maybe my...

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