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It’s Not Our Party


Many of us want to be good allies in the fight for racial equality, but we don’t always seem to have a good handle on how to do that. Black comedians have done a pretty good job of lampooning the white character, too eager to join in and be one of the good guys, all the while making everyone uncomfortable. We mean well, presumably, but our efforts are often a little tone-deaf, and sometimes even counterproductive. For instance, I’m not entirely sure, that as white people, we’re supposed to be...

Bias And The Romance Of Violence


I love violence in movies. I love a good fight scene. I love watching kick-ass military elites take out a platoon of enemy combatants. I cheer for the good guys and curse the bad guys. And there’s nothing like a scene where the good guy knows karate and just goes through six bad guys like they’re mentally challenged puppies. But it’s a fiction; a fantasy.  None of it’s real. The problem is we’ve allowed that fantasy to creep over into reality for decades and now we’re paying...

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