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Reading Is Fundamental


JOURNAL 2.01.21 We have a problem in America. It’s probably not what you think it is but is likely derivative of what I think it is, which is that people don’t read. Not that people can’t read, which is a different issue, but that people don’t read. They are no engaged with or inspired by words and language and ideas.  A preponderance of America lacks the intelligence, empathy, and curiosity to learn, explore and sympathize, through the simple act of reading. They lack the desire to travel and...

Stir Crazy


As a general rule I am not a terribly social person, and in fact avoid in-person social interaction whenever possible, so when I was told to isolate myself because of a global pandemic, I didn’t have to even think twice about it. No problem, I thought, I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I’m quite certain that introverts the world over were downright relieved that for at least a few weeks or months, the world would operate on their terms, instead of the other way around. We would...

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