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The Life Of Brian 2


An ongoing series of things I would like to do, but most likely won’t, so I have decided that these would be good things to write about. 6. Produce A Play The stage setup would be fairly stark, a minimalistic expression of the world. It won’t really matter, because no one will remember much about the staging once the actors appear. Tom Waits, Sam Shepherd and Sam Elliot. Shepherd is dead and he’s irreplaceable so I’m going to substitute Nick Offerman. The gravitas of these three voices are...

David Dreams Of Everything


I am sometimes a little despondent that I will unlikely ever be able to do certain things, achieve certain dreams, or accomplish any number of secret wishes or desires. Most things, at least the things I dream about, are not really outside of my grasp but are simply unlikely due to my circumstances and unwillingness to change them. Either because of laziness, earlier life choices, or lack of enough will, I find there are many things I may not do or experience. But I thought of something the...

Stir Crazy


As a general rule I am not a terribly social person, and in fact avoid in-person social interaction whenever possible, so when I was told to isolate myself because of a global pandemic, I didn’t have to even think twice about it. No problem, I thought, I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I’m quite certain that introverts the world over were downright relieved that for at least a few weeks or months, the world would operate on their terms, instead of the other way around. We would...

Writer | Journalist | Storyteller


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